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In order to serve the growing medical travel need from Africa to India , Thailand, Malaysia & UAE we have collaborated with internationally accredited hospitals to introduce a medical travel package to the above popular medical destinations.

 We are keen to offer many unique services thanks to the international medical network and the special relationship with the best hospitals, specialized clinics and convalescent centres that provide the highest level of services at affordable prices. 

We are the liaison between the patient, hospital and the airlines and through patients are able to avail the following unique services:

  1. Regular, general and urgent medical consultations.
  2. Choosing the appropriate place and doctor for treatment according to the case.
  3. Organizing the treatment plan. 
  4. Ticket Discount upto 25% for patient and 1 attendant .
  5. Special Payment facility to hospitals.
  6. Meet & Greet Services :Reception service to our patients/clients and their escorts at the airport with Mobile / SIM connections , luxurious cars  provided with drivers who can communicate in various languages.
  7. Providing our patients and their families with the renowned Arabian/African hospitality (in some countries).
  8. Providing ambulance service.
  9. Providing the right place to stay upon request.
  10. Regular and immediate translation services when needed.
  11. Car rental service.
  12. Variety of convalescence trips and tours.
  13. Recreation trips for elderly people.
  14. Providing care and services for celebrities and VIPs with providing personal security.
  15. Providing special care and services for women.
  16. Providing care and services for people with special needs.
  17. Providing collective services for companies.
  18. Follow up after treatment.
  19. 24-hour access to physicians by phone for pre/post clinical procedures.

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